MY STAND-IN ตัวนาย ตัวแทน Ep 1 – Ep 12

MY STAND-IN ตัวนาย ตัวแทน Ep 1 – Ep 12

MY STAND-IN ตัวนาย ตัวแทน is a Thai BL drama series that premiered on iQIYI on February 2, 2024. The series stars White Pheerapat and Phu Phumipat as two strangers who become involved in a fake relationship.


Ai’an (White Pheerapat) is a top actor who is known for his good looks and charming personality. However, he is also secretly gay, which he keeps hidden from the public. One day, Ai’an is involved in a car accident and is seriously injured. In order to protect his image, his manager hires Phurin (Phu Phumipat), a struggling actor, to be his stand-in.

Phurin is initially reluctant to take on the role, but he eventually agrees. He soon learns that being Ai’an’s stand-in is not as easy as he thought it would be. He has to deal with Ai’an’s demanding fans, his jealous ex-girlfriend, and his own insecurities.

Despite the challenges, Phurin and Ai’an begin to develop a close bond. They start to care for each other, and they even fall in love. However, their relationship is threatened by Ai’an’s secret and the pressures of the entertainment industry.


  • White Pheerapat as Ai’an
  • Phu Phumipat as Phurin
  • Akrawin Watsakornrak as Win
  • Fluke Pusit Kittisabai as Earth
  • Nattawat Mongkolphong as Khan
  • Aom Supanart Muangthai as Namtan
  • Note Punpun Pitakol as Tee
  • Ton Akekarapong Muangtang as Dr. Oat
  • May Sirinthorn Chomchuen as Dao


MY STAND-IN ตัวนาย ตัวแทน is produced by Y.Entertainment and directed by Chayanan Chuenjai. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Jittipat.


MY STAND-IN ตัวนาย ตัวแทน has been praised for its acting, chemistry between the lead actors, and its exploration of LGBTQ+ themes. The series has been a ratings success in Thailand, and it has also gained a large international following.

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